Board of Director Engagements and Management Consulting Services

BDI-LTD. based in Columbus, Ohio, was founded by John F. Dix to provide companies with superior board of directors representation and strategic planning capabilities.


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Company Profile


BDI-LTD. has a mission to provide company owners and senior management with board of director participation and strategic planning assistance, and to help client companies develop and implement management practices which:


 Assure profitable business development.

 Are aligned with company goals, strengths, and resources.

 Define unique competitive advantages in products and services.

 Are important to both customers and consumers.

 Emanate from broad experience and independent objectivity.



 Availability of experienced, proven board of directors and senior management involvement.

 Objective point of view based on 40 years of experience.

 Diversified industry relationships with Customers, Suppliers, and Information Resources.

 Disciplined, proven approach to opportunity identification.

 Access to Fisher College of Business resources and faculty.