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BDI Role:

 Establish process customized to your needs.

 Facilitate managementís participation.

 Teach, instruct, guide

 Provide tools

 Keep process on track, on schedule

 Focus and prioritize

 Facilitate team exercises, group discussions


Client Role:

 Have an open mind, be candid

 Prepare yourself and management team for process

 Take ownership of plan


End Product:

 Workable process

 Usable tools

 Basis for detailed plan

 Clear strategic statements





 More than 35 years of successful management of large and small diverse businesses.

 Broad experience across manufacturing, retail, distribution and service companies.

 In-depth experience across multiple retail segments including grocery, mass merchandiser, chain drug, club, hardware, home center, and c store.

 Experience in food service.

 Substantial experience across United States and Canadian markets.

 Substantial exposure to western and northern European and Japanese businesses.

 In-depth experience with both union and nonunion plant operations.

 Management of acquisitions, divestures, and joint ventures.

 Senior management of direct and broker sales teams.

 Detailed involvement in development of Category Management, Efficient Consumer Response, and Supply Chain Disciplines.




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